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This introduction to Web 2.0 tools will unfold over the next 6 weeks – beginning October 13 2008. As each week progresses, links will be added to each point below – all you do is click on the highlighted (red) hyperlink and read through the posts.

At the end of each week, consider the ideas and exercises suggested for blog posts. Please try to create a post on your blog each week to share your discoveries and opinions with others. You can also add comments to the posts and pages on this blog, discussing your experiences, creations and discoveries.

This will also make you eligible for the final prize draw. (Available to school participants only – so use your school email for comments.) You also need to inform Linda of your blog address (via email). Have fun!


Week 1: Introduction & Blogging

1. Read the introduction to this blog, read about Web 2.0 & find out about the program.

2. Set up your own blog using Edublogs & add your first post.

2a. Extra hints on settings that you can change for better security and control of your blog.

2b. Read the page Blogging Guidelines and evaluate what you have on your blog. (Make changes if necessary.)

3. Have a look at some sample blogs and consider some of the ways in which blogs can be used by educators.

# Write a comment on one of the above posts which reflects on your discoveries so far. 


Week 2: Photos & Images

4. Explore Flickr and learn about this popular image hosting site.

5. Learn about FlickrCC and search for some useful images. 

# Create a blog post about anything technology related that interests you this week.


Week 3: RSS & Newsreaders

6. Learn about RSS feeds, beginning with IE, Firefox and Safari feed discovery tools.

7. Set up your own Google Reader account.

8. Locate a few useful blogs about education and/or news feeds.

# Write a blog post about your discoveries from RSS feeds.


Week 4: Play Week

9. Take a look at LibraryThing and create a list of some of your favourite books, or specific class-related books.

10. Play with words in Wordle. Lots of uses to discover too.

# Write a blog post about how you night use these tools with your classes, or personally.


Week 5: Tagging, Folksonomies & Twitter

11. Learn about more about tagging and discover (a social bookmaking site)

12. Explore Twitter and create an online network . 

# Write a post about this week’s discoveries.


Week 6: Podcasts & Video

13. Discover YouTube and a few sites that allow users to upload and share videos.

14. Learn how to use RealPlayer to download and save videos.

15. Discover some useful search tools for locating podcasts.

 # Write a post about the things you might need to consider when using video capture and online videos with classes. Or share your discoveries of podcasts.


# Finale # Summarize your thoughts about this program on your blog. And maybe come up with some suggestions of other things we can share online. And, soon we will draw the lucky prize winner from those who have completed all tasks on 15 Things.

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