Introducing 15 Things

Glad to see you here. Over the next couple of weeks, you will be introduced to some of the many tools available on the web which can be used in your classroom.

Taken step by step, this program will lead you through some examples. You may decide to use these either privately (perhaps to begin with),  or with your classes – depending on how this course inspires you. It is based on several other courses* existing on the web and has been modified to provide relevant examples for our school with local support. (E.g. *From PLCMC‘s Learning 2.0 project.)

There may be some among you who have already used some of these or similar tools, so please feel welcome at any time to contribute to the learning experiences of others (and comment on their comments or posts), or seek out conversations at school with those tackling the course themselves.

I do not have all the answers – just a few ideas to get you started. Please feel free to share collective wisdom at any time!! Web 2.0 is definitely all about collaboration and peer tutoring.

# Exercise

1. You can start by adding a comment any time soon. (Maybe a comment about what you wish to discover?) New posts will be added at regular intervals for each week – just start from this page (i.e. the front page of this blog), and look for new links.

2. Browse through the terms in the glossary. Add a comment to the glossary page when there are other terms which come up that you don’t fully understand.

# Extra

Web 2.0 and education Powerpoint overviews some of the good (and evil?) of Web 2.0 tools

P.Anderson, 2007. What is Web 2.0?: ideas, technologies and implications for education Paper  looking at the uses of Web 2.0.

N.B. Image above created in http://wordle.net/



4 comments on “Introducing 15 Things

  1. I really don’t know how I am going to use this yet, but it’s a good idea to learn and be aware I suppose… you never know when it will come in handy…

    So I am looking forward to the learning experience… (a student’s perspective again – it’s good to step into their shoes occasionally)

  2. Welcome to the journey, Lauren. I am sure you will get something out of it! I’m excited about beginning!

  3. I’m looking forward to taking some time to use these web 2.0 tools and look at the various possibilities for use. The web 2.0 and education PowerPoint covers much ground giving much food for thought. I look forward to working through this programme and learning about 15 Web 2.0 tools. Thanks.

  4. Wow…I just looked at the powerpoint on web 2.0 tools. The possiblities are mind-blowing. Absolutely right about responding to new technology by banning it till a student-friendly version comes about. I clearly remember having to intervene to enable a computer class to write blogs…seems ancient history now, but then….

    Ruby H

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