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5. Another option – FlickrCC

FlickrCC is a great tool for quickly searching Creative Commons Flickr photos (i.e. those images you can freely use). With an appealing format, it is easy to search and is faster than some other options. You can also use the editing tools at FlicrCC to size, crop and add text to the chosen image. It also enables easy attribution of the image (to the original site).

To use it, simply:

1. Find FlickrCC

2. Search for a keyword and select from the mosaic of thumbnails from Flickr. (Your selection shows at the right.)

3. Then you can select which size you want view, depending on your purpose.

4. Editing is done using ‘In House’ or ‘Picnik’ options – the latter requires registration as a user – just click the link for this. ‘In House’ gives you a screen where you can add credits to the picture, additional text, a border and more.

5. To use the image, just right-click and save to your hard drive, or copy into your documents.


# Exercise

1. Visit FlickrCC and search for an image to use on your blog. Explain why you chose this image and what you think of it in a new blogpost.

2. Comment below on which tool you might be more inclined to use and why. 

# Extra

Find Free Images Online, http://heyjude.wordpress.com/find-free-images-online/ Outline from Judy O’Connell of some of the tools to locate images online – including Flickr and FlickrCC

Getting More Out Of Flickr http://aquaculturepda.edublogs.org/tag/flickrcc/ More detail from Sue Waters about using Flickr and FlickrCC.


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