12. What’s all the Twitter about?

twitter_logo_sAsk a question, share an idea, celebrate a discovery or just say ‘Hello”across the twitterverse! Just exactly what is Twitter all about??

  • For some, the value of Twitter lies in the quick response.
  • For others, it is knowing there’s always someone there.
  • For others, it is making the links across the globe – links with like-minded people willing to share.
  • For others, it is getting a quick answer from a colleague in another building….

The best way to know is to try it out.

Beginning to Twitter

Begin at the login page – www.twitter.com.

From here you can easily join – nominating a username and password, and a notification email address. Once logged in, you can begin to add as much (or little) detail as you like to your personal profile. A little will be necessary for others to get to know you (and your interests or areas of expertise), so include the detail you want others to know and share about you.

Then begin to develop your network by searching for people you know and opting to ‘follow’ them.

Then send your ‘Tweet’ in less than 140 characters, and wait for a response.

Once you have found people you know, you can have a look at their networks (the people they follow) and begin to follow others. The video, from Lee Lefever and the Common Craft show, below explains some of the concepts on which Twitter operates.


Perhaps you could look for, or develop a network within the school, or collecting colleagues with similar interests across schools? restricting your contacts might be useful if their level of knowledge sharing is wide enough. Or there may be times when you need expertise from further afield – strangers or distant contacts. Then share usernames, and let the twittering begin!

For some, Twitter may seem a bit superficial or whimsical, but it has possibilities if you develop a strong network of people with similar interests. See the comments /articles below for various views on Twitter. And consider the quote from one of these articles:

‘I think Twitter is an exciting move towards a universal publishing platform. There’s no learning curve or intimidation. We don’t need to be twittering away, updating the web with our most mundane of activities, “I am writing on Twitter about writing on Twitter…”

Use it productively!’


Carp, S. Why I stopped using Twitter, http://publishing2.com/2007/12/11/why-i-stopped-using-twitter/

Childs, C. Twitter: Use it productively, http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifehack/twitter-use-it-productively.html

Waters, S. Are You Twittering? http://theedublogger.edublogs.org/2008/04/02/are-you-twittering-heres-how-i-use-twitter/


Read the online articles.

Try it out.

Comment on your blog about the usefulness of Twitter or a similar concept withhin the field of education. And other places it might be of value.


2 comments on “12. What’s all the Twitter about?

  1. Thanks for linking to my post on Twitter. Your readers might also like to check out My Quick Start Tips for New Twitter users which is designed to help new people get started easier.

  2. I have yet to be convinced of that the value of Twitter would outweigh its time wasting potential, at least for me. Maybe for extroverts it’s a great tool, but I won’t be signing up for it at this stage. I just don’t feel the need for 24 hour a day connection.

    I have seen Twitter presented as an absolute essential for global communication, but I think I want to live locally at this stage. I’ll keep it in mind though…

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