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14. Using realPlayer

real-playerIf you are assured that it is legitimate to download a video clip – i.e. you have contacted the creator, or have viewed Creative Commons access rights, then you may download a video for use offline. This is useful to overcome times when the internet is inaccessible, or slow to stream. One of the easiest tools for this is realPlayer.

To begin using Real Player, download the latest version from http://www.realplayer.com.au/. Two options exist, including the free basic version – with limited but credible use, and pop-up ads.

Using realPlayer is relatively simple. Just ensure that your have realPlayer open before you access an online video site and select the video clip you wish to save. When the clip is on the screen, simply roll the mouse over the video frame and a pop-up should appear saying ‘Download This Video’. Click this statement to activate the download, or on the dropdown menu to select your options.


Clicking on Play will play the video in realPlayer. Note you can change from Normal (small size) to Theatre (bigger screen) mode, by selecting the drop down in the View menu for better viewing. You can also view your downloaded videos list from MyLibrary.

Even YouTube has a video about downloading from YouTube using realPlayer! See:


Davies, T. Video change: One page guides, Tim Davies, a 23 year old independent consultant, researcher and social entrepreneur now based in Oxford, UK.

Sheko, T. Teachers Today on YouTube. A Teacher-Librarian in Victoria challenges some thought on teachers today based on 2 videos.


1. Download realPlayer then find a video clip from YouTube or TeacherTube to save to your computer.

2. What are the advantages of this use of videos? Problems? Issues?

3. Comment on the value or otherwise of this tool.

4. Do the videos say anything to you?


One comment on “14. Using realPlayer

  1. It took me about 10 minutes to download and install Real Player (I tried it using my usual browser Firefox but it seemed to prefer Explorer). Then within a couple of minutes I was able to save a video from YouTube which I use regularly with some of my Maths classes. It’s going to be a real boon to be able to have a small library of videos which I can still access without an internet connection.

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