Thinking inside the box – SimplyBox

sboxA relatively new Web 2.0 tool is known as SimplyBox.

It provides the facilities to collect snippets from web pages (like Window Vista snip tool), provide links back to these (like Delicious) and enable sharing of details, pictures and links with friends and colleagues (like One-Note, Flickr, Facebook, etc.). So it has many tools in one application.


A quick trial run revealed that it is relatively quick and easy to download, and easy to get started:

1. Simple sign-up by choosing a Username, password and adding you email address. A link is sent to your email for verification.

2. You then need to download the SimplyBox toolbar to your browser using the link provided. You can also use SimplyBox without this toolbar.


3. After the installation of the toolbar (see image above), you need to login as a last step (in the toolbar space) and get to work or play! If the toolbar is not showing have a look in View/ Toolbars and select SimplyBox.

4. Once your toolbar is up, you can visit a website then save all, or part of it, to SimplyBox for later referral, or sharing with others.

The introductory video provides lots of suggestions for its use – planning, sharing important sites, and the ability to organise your online serendipitous discoveries in personalised containers and boxes:

  • Planning a holiday? collect sippets of information about your plans to share with friends
  • Writing an essay? collect your quotes and reference links in one of the containers
  • Like to share videos? direct your frineds to your video tab
  • Found some valuable sites for your students? place them all in one box for students to access

I am in early discovery mode so would like to know what others think after they have played with SimplyBox themselves.


4 comments on “Thinking inside the box – SimplyBox

  1. I’ve just looked at the introductory video. It looks like a terrific tool. I think it could be a very useful thing for class research stuff, or for students browsing the internet for research. It’s impressive that it also records the source website, and the date you looked at it and boxed something from it. That seems to make it an ideal tool for helping students and teachers avoiding plagiarism.

  2. I’ve just downloaded the SimplyBox tools. It took about 10 minutes to start to use it. It seems to work better on Internet Explorer than on Firefox, but you can use either browser. I started by setting it up on Firefox, and when I had trouble boxing something I switched over and set up on Internet Explorer and all the boxes I had already set up via Firefox were available in my account.

    When you clip something from a website and drop it into a box it automatically records the source web page and the date you boxed it. In some ways the best way to describe the tool is that it operates like a way of filing newspaper clippings on particular topics.

    I’ve already started to grab bits and pieces to share with one of my senior classes with respect to an assignment they have to do over the holidays.

  3. I’ve not had success with SimplyBox on Firefox on the school network – don’t know why – but on my desktop at home SimplyBox works just fine on Firefox. Just thought I would mention that for those people who are Firefox fans.

  4. I showed this to a year 12 group the other day – they were ready to launch into individual project investigations. One had commented that he found it difficult to handle “stuff from the web”, but after seeing SimplyBox was keen to try it out.

    It was also a surprise (just in time of need) intro, and did not have the tools on my new laptop, but it was quick and easy to get it running. (Using IE, Ruth)

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