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bibme – a bibliography maker

Since bibliographies remain a challenging task for many students, it is great to have a Web 2.0 tool to help them (and us) manage a little better. One I have trialled recently is bibme.


bibme is a free automatic bibliography generator that supports several formatting styles. It is fast and easy and accesses a number of different database sources (like Amazon) for its information. The automatic option is fast and easy and even operates using an ISBN (that is, the unique code identfiying individual resources). even without a hit from Amazon, you can complete a manual entry and BibMe formats in the style you have selected.

Simply go to bibme.org and enter in either the title, ISBN, or author of the publication, select the media you are looking for (i.e. book, journal, film etc.) and search. You are able to check, and edit the entry where there are slight variations in the result, and this can be added to your bibliography.

There are different formats to be chosen (unfortunately, no Harvard, but APA is close). The list grows in an ordered fashion and can be copied to another document. It is easy, however, to register and then be able to save the result for download to  Word or other document type. It is also easy to go back to edit (or add) to the list saved to your account.

While this is different to our preferred Harvard style guide, it offers consistency and a quick recording of all references as you or the student proceeds in research. Manual entry is also possible for resources which are new or unusual, and which don’t come up on the automatic search.

Why not give it a trial and comment on how it worked for you?



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