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Wallwisher – online post-it notes

Do away with butcherpaper. Allow kids to make comment individually. Manage ideas from many. Wallwisher can help you do this.

Try it to capture ideas from a PD session. Use it to track you own thoughts (like a brainstorm/mindmap). Or a simple activity to share opinions of a class group, allowing everyone a chance to ‘speak’ .

The process is simple – just type in your name and email address, then start your wall.

You have the option to:

  • keep it private (for personal use)
  • share with others via email invite, or address link
  • moderate sticky notes (comments) – wise for class use

It’s a simple but fun tool, which teachers across the globe are already using: see ‘Sixteen interesting ways to use Wallwisher in the classroom’ , a collation of ideas, intitiated by Tom Barrett at Google Docs.

If you want to try Wallwisher, then visit: http://wallwisher.com/wall/books4you and add your sticky note to my wall, ‘Read any good books lately?’ or have a play on another: http://wallwisher.com/wall/titlestobuy.

Some teachers have already used this in the past (though it is still in Beta mode), or looked at it recently and said:

I used it in a class activity with Year 9 last year…. Once we ironed that out it worked really well.  The only drawback is in-class computer access.  Thanks for reminding me – I will use it with Year 8 History SOON!!! (Anne)

Looks very interesting. I guess it’s another form of wiki. (Cameron)

Here’s another  wall to preview,  ‘What’s so great about Smartboards’ – a collection of comments about use in the classroom.

## When you have had a chance to play, and maybe thought of some ideas, please share them here in your comments. Or make a wall for others to comment (email the link to friends and colleagues.) Or share your success/failure trialling some of the 16 Things shared by Tom Barrett and others.



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