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ToonDoo – Create your own graphic ‘novel’ and more

Here’s some information and links to enable you to find out about the web 2.0 tool ToonDoo, which Steve mentioned recently. As he stated, it’s a creative tool used to make comic strips – which could have multiple uses in the classroom. And like many web 2.0 tools it’s easy to use.


1. Sign up at: www.toondoo.com

2. Register with a username, password and  email address, then login to get started.

Creating ToonDoos involves selecting templates for the frame you wish to use, characters, speech bubbles, backgrounds, props and shapes – all of which can be found when you are logged in, by clicking on the ToonDoo pencil. After this, the fun begins as you click and drag your selection into place. There are many tools which allow you to modify the different components – ask the students to help you work these as they seem to intuitively know how to play with such things!

The Slideshare (How to Create a ToonDoo) below runs through the ToonDoo process:

Once you have created a ToonDoo, you can choose how you wish to publish – you have the choice to make it public or private, and it is possible to use a ‘safe’ filter when searching the gallery with students. It is also possible with the clipping tool in Vista or Windows 7 to clip and save the image created, or simply publish the ToonDoo to a blog.

Educational comment on ToonDoo

Bright Ideas Blog. http://slav.globalteacher.org.au/2008/12/18/toondoo/ This blog post by the School Library Association of Victoria outlines the ToonDoo tool, and suggests uses such as book reviews, writing Haiku poetryand summarising historical events. This site provided the link to the Slideshare shown above.

Marcinek, Andrew. ToonDoo is too cool for school. http://www.classroom20.com/forum/topics/toon-doo-is-cool-for-school Andrew provides suggestions for use, including English – translating a passage from Hamlet, Maths, special ed and History examples. “This post is going to focus on a website that all teachers can utilize in his or her classroom immediately and it is very easy to use. The site is called “Toon Doo”. Toon Doo is a free open application that allows anyone to create a comic strip.”

# Please add any suggested uses that you have found for this tool as a comment below, and share your classroom experience.


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