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More about Wallwisher

Now that some have tried out Wallwisher with classes, a few reflections:

  1. When saving your wall, give it a logical address (rather than accepting the default, which is just random numbers and letters – hard to remember or recognise.)
  2. Do you have somewhere to provide students with  easy access to the link? (e.g. an ecampus site?)
  3. Perhaps, begin with the wall ‘open’ while you work with the class. This will provide instantaneous feedback during classtime, (they will see their posts straight away), then change the settings to moderate after class (JIC).
  4. Check that students can access Web 2.0 sites like Wallwisher (trial it with a student logging in – teachers’ access may be different!). If ‘no’, seek out IT staff to allow access, as filters may automatically block some sites.
  5. Remember, it is the tool, not the purpose of the lesson – and you may need a backup plan if the site is blocked for some reason – so, what is the aim of the activity? and how might you do it without technology?
  6. Share your reflections – the good and the bad – with others. Comment here!!

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