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Free audiobooks

Just a quick post linking to another TLs blog (Hi! Marita) to let you know about the availability of some free audiobooks.

I am going to trial this – though at the moment, it’s taking a while to download ‘the Power of One’ – one of this week’s freebies. It does involve downloading a program to manage the download of the books, and as yet I haven’t tested what they be loaded onto, but that will come.

Marita has more detail on her website, and the instructions on OverDrive Media Console are userfriendly, too. Why not give it a go and let others know how it works for you?


One comment on “Free audiobooks

  1. Hi Linda. Thanks for the mention. I listened to Frankenstein last week and have downloaded the two for this week (though I’m trying to catch up with podcasts first). You are right that The Power of One takes a good deal of time to download. It is in about 15 parts and does each separately. Interesting to try the Overdrive software as we have considered it for our library. Hope you have luck with the audiobooks! – Marita

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