eTo Kindle or not to Kindle?

Well, after some deliberation, I have finally decided to trial Kindle. At this stage, it is only ‘Kindle for PC’ (and phone), not an actual Kindle, but worth trialling since these are free.

To do so is relatively easy for those who already have an Amazon account. A simple ‘Kindle for PC’ query in Google gave the direct Amazon page, and a quick click on the Download button started the process. I saved the file (to have available for other PCs) and then ran the application file from my desktop.

I now have Kindle for PC on my home desktop computer, my laptop and was easily able to get the app for my phone (and it doesn’t have to be an iPhone either).

Since I use the one Amazon account for all, I can also retrieve my ebooks from any of these devices – it even recognises what page I last read! For instance, I began a book on my desktop PC, and then read further on my phone – then when I opened it again on the PC, it asked if I wanted to go to the furthest page read on my phone!

The interface is quite attractive and shows your books in your chosen order (Recent, Title or Author). The hardest thing to do at this stage is to decide which ebook!! There are lots of freebies, though mainly classics (which are fine) but there are lots of pulp fiction to weed through too. And like any online book store, there are ‘featured’ and ‘popular’ titles, along with ‘recommendations especially for you’.

Don’t think of ebooks being purely fiction either. Non-fiction titles are also available  – Yvonne has spoken of the speed with which some of her professional reading needs were met – in the blink of an eye, when she simply couldn’t wait for an Amazon delivery form overseas. And imagine how light school bags could be with etexts (if and when the distributors get on board)!!

The whole download process (for both the program and the books) was relatively quick and painless, giving lots of time to get into reading straight away. It’s certainly worth trying before buying an ereader (Kindle or otherwise) – but I’d better go now – I have even more books to read (though the piles aren’t as obvious)!

Comment back?

# Have you tried ebooks? What did you think of them? What reader have you liked best?

##What are some of the titles you started with? or found most valuable?



5 comments on “eTo Kindle or not to Kindle?

  1. Last night downloaded the Graham book (can’t remember her first name) J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye for my Kindle. Can’t wait to get home to keep reading. (Am tapping this while waiting for Mrs D. to finish shopping). Don’t fret about the Kindle. Just read. Works for me.

  2. Still amazed how easy it is, Victor! Aiming for a Kindle for travel purposes. Now the virtual pile also grows!!!

  3. Hi L,
    Love my Kindle on PC. Seemed strange at first not ‘holding’ a book but so handy! 🙂 I love it when traveling.
    x L

  4. Thanks for the comment, Lisa. Now you can provide me with Kindle recommmendations too!


  5. Thanks for the comment, Victor.

    No doubt tapped out on your iPad?

    Any exposure to ebooks for your students at school? How do we manage this new media?

    Linda Weeks

    Teacher Librarian St Paul’s Grammar School Cranebrook, NSW

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