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Reading in OverDrive!

For those who wish to test out some ebooks, especially with holidays and long drives coming up, this is a ‘How-to’ for accessing library collections using OverDrive – including Penrith City Library, the Hills District and maybe one near you! I will give examples wrt PCL, but the concept applies across many other libraries.

Starting here, PCL’s catalogue access, you can browse to see what titles are available. These include audio and ebooks across both fiction and non-fiction areas, catering for a range of interests. Though audiobooks are larger files to download, it’s probably worth it for those long road trips!

What you need:

  • Your PCL membership number (the SPGS community is entitled to library membership)
  • PIN (this is probably your birthdate: ddmmyyyy)
  • the OverDrive Media program (free download from OverDrive on your computer), or an OverDrive app on your mobile device  (from app stores)
  • Adobe Digital Editions or similar to read on your device/computer (free to download).

Steps to borrowing

1. First, sign in.

2. Then it is simply a matter of browsing the PCL Digital Media catalogue.

3. Select a book displayed, a group from the sidebar to browse, or search for a specific title.

4. Click on your chosen title – you can ‘add to wishlist’ or ‘add to cart’ – if the title is available.

5. Once added to the cart, you can decide whether to ‘proceed to checkout’ after noting the borrowing period and other details.

6. You can change the borrowing period, or simply ‘confirm checkout’.

7. The final step is to ‘Download’. Be sure to check where the file is set to download  (default is the Downloads folder). Select ‘Save and Open’ as this should open Adobe Digital editions on your computer, and you can begin reading!

Using a mobile device (iPad, smartphone etc.)

  • Begin with the OverDrive app.
  • Click on ‘Get Books’
  • Add a Library
  • Browse/search for Penrith City Library (or other if in different area) (All NSW OverDrive libraries found if you use browse option)
  • Clicking on the library name will take you to their catalogue in your internet browser.
  • Then follow the steps above to get books. You can also download books you have previously borrowed onto another device, as long as the borrowing period is still valid.

Happy reading!


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