8. Blogs in education

For now, take a breather. This task is all about sharing and discovery. Based on the activities you have been through already, post a comment here (and on your own blog if you have one) about any blog which you have found useful in education. This can be from the point of view of getting […]

3. Examples of blogs and their uses – ABCD!

One of the best ways of understanding blogging is to review some examples of blogs in action… Hopefully, you have the chance to read the article ‘Uses of Blogs’ (found in Staff Public / 15 Things ) which provides examples suggested in Will Richardson’s book Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and other powerful Web tools for classrooms. […]

2a. Further hints on setting up a blog

Here are some areas worth checking when you first set up your blog. Depending on the purpose of your blog, you can have different privacy needs and variation in the details that you might put on your blog. Consider when setting up a school related blog how you might be modelling for students. How much information […]

2. Setting up a blog

Edublogs is one of many options which can be used to set up a blog for educational purposes. It is used here to demonstrate ‘how’, and also because it has many interesting and appealing options within its structure, without being too difficult for beginners. N.B. Further update (October 17). WordPress also has a similar setup, […]