Beginning again…

Now that ’15 Things’ has come to an end (for some), there is time to review (see the ‘List of Tools’ page), apply what you have learnt and then check back regularly to see what else is new. As Web 2.0 tools are increasing in number and variety, use this blog to learn about some […]

12. What’s all the Twitter about?

Ask a question, share an idea, celebrate a discovery or just say ‘Hello”across the twitterverse! Just exactly what is Twitter all about?? For some, the value of Twitter lies in the quick response. For others, it is knowing there’s always someone there. For others, it is making the links across the globe – links with […]

8. Blogs in education

For now, take a breather. This task is all about sharing and discovery. Based on the activities you have been through already, post a comment here (and on your own blog if you have one) about any blog which you have found useful in education. This can be from the point of view of getting […]

1. What is Web 2.0?

In the past, only those who studied IT were able, using their skills with Web Design programs, to place information and ideas on the world wide web. Now, by using Web 2.0 tools, we have a read/write/share style of world wide web. This means that with a little practice and access to the internet, all […]