Images and Tags – Tag Galaxy

I was introduced to Tag Galaxy at a recent TeachMeet (#TmHills), and thought it one of the ideas well worth sharing here. Tag Galaxy works to bring tags and images together in an inspiring form; which can be more easily searched than scouring through image repositories like Flickr. It could be used to not only […]

10. Playing with words in Wordle

Wordle is a Web 2.0 application which generates a word cloud from text the user provides. This then provides a visual picture, highlighting those terms which are most prominent in a particular body of text or blog site. This can provide for a lot of discussion based on the purposes of the text exploration. For example, […]

5. Another option – FlickrCC

FlickrCC is a great tool for quickly searching Creative Commons Flickr photos (i.e. those images you can freely use). With an appealing format, it is easy to search and is faster than some other options. You can also use the editing tools at FlicrCC to size, crop and add text to the chosen image. It also enables easy attribution of the […]

4. Using Flickr

Flickr is a photo sharing web site which enables you to store your photos, direct others to them and utilise the photos of others. It’s a place where you also edit photos, organise and create from them too. Start by going on the Flickr Tour – This will explain how to: Upload photos Edit […]