Why should I do this course?

Many of the web sites students now visit in their own time involve a lot of these Web 2.0 tools, and clearly capture their imagination. As teachers, we can harness this interest, and therefore engage students where they are at – and model best-use (and safe) practices at the same time.

When do I start?

Start as soon as you can – the first week of term is ideal to keep everyone ‘on the same page’, and to share experiences simultaneously. However, you can come on board when it suits you – just let Linda know.

How long do I need to take:

– per post? – as little as 30 mins, though extended reading and application may take a bit longer, depending on your level of involvement.

– for the course? – ideally, 6 weeks from the start (though you may like to review some parts later)

Do I have to do everything?

Ideally, yes, but if you just want to dip in and out then that’s OK too.

What if doesn’t apply to me?

You won’t know till you try.

How do I qualify for the prize draw?

To qualify, you need to make an attempt to complete all post exercises. Often a comment on your blog will be enough. This should be within the 6 week period – i.e. close to last week of term. (Date to be confirmed).

Why are there ‘Exercises’ in each post?

The exercises are meant to assist you in the application of what you have been reading. Try these, and/or comment on discoveries you have made.

What is the ‘Extra’ section all about?

The Extra section is meant to provide examples and thoughts of others who have used or trialled these tools. Hopefully, they give both sides of the story, as well as examples of tools in practice.

What if it still doesn’t make sense? Who do I ask?

Try discussing issues with others on the course (they may have the same problems), include a query in a comment on this blog, or contact Linda via school email.

Do I have to blog?

Your blog should be a place where you can practise and reflect on your own learning and discoveries. It’s all part of the journey. I guess, in reality, there may be lurkers who simply read and absorb for their own interest – though it would be great to have comments from all – to contribute to the group learning experience.

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