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Reading in OverDrive!

For those who wish to test out some ebooks, especially with holidays and long drives coming up, this is a ‘How-to’ for accessing library collections using OverDrive – including Penrith City Library, the Hills District and maybe one near you! I will give examples wrt PCL, but the concept applies across many other libraries. Starting […]

Testing e-books

Well, I have just finished my first e-book – from start to finish. I have tried before – using a Kobo, testing out Kindle for PC, even reading on my iPhone, but today’s the first time I have finished a book. Mahtab’s Story by Libby Gleeson was read on my iPad, using the¬†Overdrive app. I […]

eTo Kindle or not to Kindle?

Well, after some deliberation, I have finally decided to trial Kindle. At this stage, it is only ‘Kindle for PC’ (and phone), not an actual Kindle, but worth trialling since these are free. To do so is relatively easy for those who already have an Amazon account. A simple ‘Kindle for PC’ query in Google […]

More on free audiobook downloads…

How to… In order to take advantage of this offer the steps are: 1.Download the software (Overdrive Media Console) to manage the audio files. 2. Join the Audiobook Community – a simple signup with email address and password required. 3. Then from the Audiobook Community¬†select the free download of the audiobook you are interested in […]

Free audiobooks

Just a quick post linking to another TLs blog (Hi! Marita) to let you know about the availability of some free audiobooks. I am going to trial this – though at the moment, it’s taking a while to download ‘the Power of One’ – one of this week’s freebies. It does involve downloading a program […]