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Images and Tags – Tag Galaxy

I was introduced to Tag Galaxy at a recent TeachMeet (#TmHills), and thought it one of the ideas well worth sharing here. Tag Galaxy works to bring tags and images together in an inspiring form; which can be more easily searched than scouring through image repositories like Flickr. It could be used to not only […]

More about Wallwisher

Now that some have tried out Wallwisher with classes, a few reflections: When saving your wall, give it a logical address (rather than accepting the default, which is just random numbers and letters – hard to remember or recognise.) Do you have somewhere to provide students with  easy access to the link? (e.g. an ecampus […]

11. It’s so Delicious!

This Web 2.0 tool has been around for a while now (started in 2003), and has over 5 million users, and displays many of the features of the read/write web.   It is also one of the great examples of collaborative work on the web with more than 150 million bookmarked web sites recorded. See the video below […]